Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Ever since it was founded, Berco has been attentive to the needs of the community and the place where its first factory was born. Over the years, this attentiveness has become a group policy, based on the conviction that, in the present day and age, the success of a business is measured not only by its growth and profit but also by how it copes with ecological and social issues. When planning its strategies, Berco now takes into account the social and environmental implications of its work and acts accordingly.

For Berco, workplace health and safety goes beyond the mere observance of binding legislation. Berco’s objective is to promote a healthy and safe working environment, implement preventive measures and reduce to a minimum the risk of work-related accidents and injuries. Employees’ psychological well-being and motivation are also monitored in an active work-related stress program which, by means of sample-based surveys and individual interviews, aims to obtain and preserve a serene, productive and stimulating work environment. Recently, a new safety training program has been started, involving all managerial personnel and soon will be extended to all employees.

Berco has always seen its employees as the company’s real resource, who contribute in a decisive way to the achievement of the Group’s objectives. Berco observes legislation on employment contracts and, in every country where it operates, ensures that the rights stated in the “Universal declaration of human rights” are safeguarded. Berco will not tolerate illegal, child or forced labour in any form.

Economic responsibility
The strategy of the Berco group is to create profit and meet the expectations of everybody that it interacts with. It does this by means of investment plans which, for many years now, have committed the company to the development of technologies and production processes that improve the quality and reliability of its products. Complete customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of Berco’s business. Investments are also made in the development of new services and the opening of new foreign branches in order to cater to customers’ needs ever more rapidly and efficiently and provide them with the best way to develop their business.