Berco Engineering Division

BERCO, manufacturers of undercarriage components for chain driven earth moving machines and member of the thyssenkrupp AG Group, have invested more than 400 million Euros over the past years in modern process technologies – which has also allowed enhanced production of mining components, products subject to extreme demands.

BERCO operate a total of seven fully automatic production lines in the two Northen Itally plants.

•These include, for example, a line with four robot supported machining centres for the production of the roller bearings. Twelve machines carry out the turning, milling and drilling work at the individual production stages.
Axles, hubs, bushings and bolts are manufactured on a fully automatic production line comprising 22 loading robots as well as 22 lathes, work stations and CNC grinding machines. All work stages, from the blank to the finished product, are completed here: trimming, turning, drilling, induction surface hardening and fine grinding.
Guide wheel bodies are welded on two further robot controlled lines.
•Assembly of the guide wheel units is also fully automatic. Four vertical presses assemble the wheels and two horizontal presses the spring assemblies. The finished units are then transported on a 243 m long single-rail track to the washing, painting and drying stations.
•The painting plant, using special water-based paints, meets the highest ecological standards resulting in BERCO being awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. A further six paint tanks permit flexible selection of the top coat colour as well as the application of protective paints.

The high standards of automation employed by BERCO promote the production and supply of top class  undercarriages and undercarriage components at optimum price/performance ratios.