Hot Forging

Stampaggio a caldo

BERCO regularly invests in new forging technology in the manufacture, for instance, of chain links. A new forging line went into production in Copparo in 2009, subsequent to the construction of a roller assembly plant in 2005. This high-speed production facility has two benefits: higher output and reduction of production related surplus material from 25% down to 5 – 10%.

Forging is one of BERCO’s outstanding core competencies. The quality of the steel used in the process is of major importance. Automated hot forging lines in BERCO’s Northern Italy plants not only provide top class quality but represent the world’s largest production capacity in this field.

Compared with casting technology, BERCO drop-forging has the advantage that faults such as surface porosity and internal shrinkage cavities are completely avoided.

Prior to the actual drop-forging process (hot forming) taking place, BERCO specialists design the individual components employing a modern mathematical method (FEM: Finite Element Method) and simulate the material flow during the forging process. Additionally, dies are produced in-house – and optimised again using FEM simulation. The milling machines used have a spindle speed of 24 000 RPM.

By employing this highly complex forging technology, BERCO ensure that large volumes of consistent quality are produced. Even the heaviest undercarriage components for open cast mining can be forged at a maximum pressure of 32 000 t.