r&d Berco Group

BERCO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of undercarriages and  undercarriage components for chain driven earth moving machines. The high level of quality associated with BERCO products is founded on intensive research and development, along with over 90 years of experience in the industry.

Amongst others, BERCO specialists research the fracture mechanical behaviour of the undercarriage components. Only by adopting this approach can we make sure that BERCO products meet the highest demands. Modern testing equipment serves to ensure that only materials of the highest quality and reliability are used in the four Northern Italy plants.

•For instance, an electron-microscope with up to 500.000-fold magnification detects material inclusions and contamination.
•The chemical composition of an alloy is analysed using X-rays and a spectrophotometer.
•Additionally, materials and components are tested in a climate chamber at extreme temperatures, ranging from -70° C to + 200° C, to cope with the toughest operating conditions.
•Possible stress and deformation features are detected prior to use in the field using FEM.

BERCO has a highly innovative approach to the development of new products. The classical but laborious manufacture of metal prototypes has been replaced by rapid prototyping technology. The pre-series models are quickly produced from layered paper in 3D form.

By operating these high-tech development and testing methods BERCO implements the introduction of new applications onto the market quicker and with greater effectiveness.