Berco Track Systems

Besides the technical layout and on-time delivery of track vehicle components, the development, production and delivery of track-frames to complete track systems (CTS) at the production line has become more and more established with manufacturers of medium annual volume (20 – 100 machines).

BERCO Deutschland develops and designs Complete Track Systems ranging from 0.5 t – 330 t in weight in the following versions:

Standard track-frames: frames of left and right-hand design welded or bolted to the machine.
Oscillating track-frames: frames of left and right-hand design slipped onto the machine’s trunnions and secured by means of a pendulum suspension.
Standard track-frames with 2 cross beams: frames of left and right-hand design with 2 cross beams: the machine is fitted to the beams.
Standard track-frames with a support platform: frames of left and right-hand design; the machine is welded or bolted to the platform.
Standard track-frames with middle section and slewing ring: frames of left and right-hand design and a middle section with slewing ring; the machine and slewing ring are mounted on the track system.
Track system with adjustable track width: frames of left and right-hand design, middle section in the form of a platform or with slewing ring, not welded but adjustably attached to the track-frames; the machine is mounted either on the platform or on the slewing ring.

BERCO Deutschland also supplies special designs upon request.